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About Natalie

Natalie Ramke

Bachelor of Social Science - Counselling

(With Dean's Commendation)

PACFA Reg. Certified Practicing 26559

Natalie is a skilled counsellor with a very empathetic and intuitive basis. She has spent a lot of time personally and professionally in supportive roles for people with dependency issues, medical difficulties, homelessness, and disabilities. Natalie has a lot of compassion for people who do not fit the general “mould” of society and enjoys the richness that comes from people’s alternating views.


Natalie is an incredibly nurturing person and loves creating healthy, safe, and healing environments. This trait encompasses all areas of her life, whether it be for clients, her nieces and nephews, her pets, her garden, or herself. Her favourite part of the process is always when she notices that the person, creature, or plant is thriving. Natalie is a firm believer in celebrating people for who they truly are. She facilitates the growth that they need in order to become their true selves, as opposed to who they, or society, think they should be.


Natalie has experienced a lot of the healing process herself, with her back issues by far being the largest obstacle. It took a lot of emotional and physical pain to be able to move and bend again, and years later she is still unable to sit down for long periods of time. Natalie learnt over the years how to be kind and patient with herself, and to celebrate who she uniquely is by accepting that she could not change her health issues or her history. Step by step she integrated lifestyle choices into her life so that her health management became a positive way of life, instead of a chore.


A big part of Natalie’s healing journey was regularly walking with a close friend along the Brisbane River, as she rehabilitated her injuries and offloaded her emotional and physical trauma’s. Because of this, walking along the Brisbane River holds great significance to her as a place of therapy and healing. As a therapist who cannot sit down for very long, Natalie came up with the idea of “Riverside Amble Counselling Services.” This way she not only integrates her occupation into her life as something that is healing and beneficial to her, but she can also provide a safe space for other people who are not able to sit in a room and receive counselling.


Mindfulness, Psychoeducation, Narrative Therapy, 

Person Centred Therapy, Gestalt & Symbolism, NDIS.

Experience with:


Grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, boundaries, LGBTIQPA+, NDIS, ASD, intellectual impairment. 

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