Your initial counselling session will begin with meeting Natalie in the car park of Capalaba Regional Park* in Capalaba. This is the park that is located near Bunnings (click here to view the map). It is here that you will discuss the Counselling Agreement and what you hope to gain from counselling. After this initial meeting, you will then spend the rest of the session walking with Natalie through the park.

All counselling sessions cost $100.00. This can be paid by card via Square.

*Capalaba Regional Park is a public space operated and maintained by the council and is in no way affiliated with Riverside Amble Counselling Services.

Capalaba Regional Park

After meeting in the car park, we will make our way past the playground and down into the open parklands. From here we will amble through the park, along the paths or across the grass, and delight in all of the beautiful nature, animals, and scenery.


On this walk, there are plenty of spaces to sit and admire the nature around you, and although there are often people about there is generally enough space for reflection.

If you would like to learn more about Capalaba Regional Park, have a look at this website.

If you like the idea of a Walk and Talk counselling session outdoors in Capalaba click here to book a session.